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Part Number:MA-6500 - Mini
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The Switchback MINI offers a smaller, straight handle with a "two finger" gripping area. Based on feedback provided over the last several years, the Switchback Charging Handle is the ULTIMATE charging handle available for the Steyr AUG and MSAR series of rifles! In simplest description the Switchback Charging Handle is folded out for use, and automatically folds back for storage when release. When forward, the handle is folded towards the body of the rifle and gives the lowest profile handle available. Grab the handle, fold out, and you suddenly have the largest gripping surface available on any charging handle for the AUG- you can easily get two to three fingers on it! Pull back on the handle, and fold up into the holdback notch on the receiver, and then give a good slap down (or just pull back and release) and the handle goes forward and automatically folds when it stops at the front of the receiver! The handle can be folded out to the charging position or folded into the storage position whether at the front or all the way back, which is particularly handy when the weapon action must be locked open and the weapon laid on its side to display an empty chamber on a workbench or at the range. The horizontal design of the handle and extended gripping surface when deployed allows for clearance on low mounted or bulky optics such as the Eotech and will work with any optics mounted on any top rail available. Best of all, the handle is made of durable aluminum for the body, but also features a removable and replaceable hard polymer Wear Pad where it contacts the hold back notch on the receiver- you never have to worry about wear from the handle on your expensive receiver! The Switchback is a drop in replacement for any Steyr AUG A2 or A3 charging handle, or the charging handle for all MSAR series of STG and E4 rifles, and the Raptor retains the 'safety fold' feature of the original MSAR and AUG A2/A3 charging handle assembly. Please note that the Steyr AUG A1 and TPD AXR series of rifles use a different charging assembly in the receiver, and this assembly is not compatible with the Switchback Charging Handle. This charging assembly can removed from the receiver and replaced with a modified MSAR or Steyr AUG A2/A3 charging assembly which will allow compatibility with the Switchback Charging Handle. It will be necessary to narrow the width of the MSAR or Steyr AUG A2/A3 charging handle assembly by approximately 0.030" with a file to accommodate the narrower charging handle slot on the Steyr AUG A1 and TPD AXR receivers. The Switchback Charging Handle is proudly made in the USA of black anodized aluminum and polymer and includes the handle, the polymer wear pad, an allen wrench, and instructions for installation.

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