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INFORCE WMLx Black - 500 Lumens

INFORCE WMLx Black - 500 Lumens

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Part Number:InforceWMLxBlk
White Multifunction Weapon Mounted Light

The INFORCE WMLx White produces 500 lumens of white light with a concentrated spot and a generous peripheral beam. The WMLx provides ideal illumination for target identification and acquisition at long distances as well as being perfectly suited for more concentrated work.

It features white light with momentary and constant modes plus a strobe that is easily disabled with a simple sequence. Its angled activation button is comfortable to operate without interference of wires from tape switches. The integrated patent pending rail clamping system is compact, convenient and secure. Two distinct easy to operate lockout systems are incorporated to avoid accidental discharge.

Product Specifications:
High: 500 lumens
Strobe: 500 lumens

Run Time: High: 2 hours

Bezel Diameter: 1.125"
Length: 5.34"
Weight: 4 oz.

Batteries: 2 x 123A Lithium

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