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Elzetta Bravo B133 Flashlight with Standard Bezel Ring

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Part Number:Elzetta Bravo B133 Flashlight 650lumen
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With Automatic Voltage Sensing (AVS) Technology, new High Output Heads on 2-Cell Flashlight Bodies produce 650 lumens with runtimes of 1 hour 30 minutes* and produce 900 lumens with runtimes of 1 hour 45 minutes* on 3-Cell Bodies. Get this world-class performance whether you purchase a complete new High Output Flashlight or retrofit your existing Elzetta Flashlight with a New High Output Head (all Elzetta Flashlight components are interchangeable, interoperable, and available individually). 

In addition to industry leading efficiency, new Elzetta High Output Flashlights are built, well, like an Elzetta; fully-potted electronics provide unmatched durability and field-replaceable solid-acrylic optical lenses shape warm, rich beams with outstanding throw, generous spill, and a "soft edge" that cannot be replicated by reflector-based flashlights. Like all Elzetta products, these new High Output Flashlights are Made in the USA and guaranteed forever.

  • Elzetta Bravo High Output Flashlight with Standard Bezel Ring 
  • High Output 650-Lumen 2-Cell 
  • Patent pending heat sink mechanism for efficient thermal management. 
  • ZFL-M60 Bodies, Bezels, and Tailcaps are constructed of Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum. 
  • Bodies feature circumferential grooves which may be fitted with O-rings (included) for an enhanced fit in Elzetta Tactical Flashlight Holders, providing a complete Elzetta Illumination System.

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