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Docter Sight C - Reflex Sight
Flat Dark Earth

Docter Sight C - Reflex Sight

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With the DOCTER® sight C edition, you make a strong statement. The world is not black and white and hunting is not uniform, but multifaceted and diversified. And your equipment has to reflect this — visible for everyone. Before having chosen four colours shades, we have tested hundreds of them and have been concerned about their function.

Robust and steadfast — thanks to the CerakoteTM-coating limits here, we have chosen CerakoteTM. As a coating based on ceramics, this technology impresses with excellent corrosion protection, outstanding abrasion resistance, extreme hardness and unmatched durability. In practical tests, Cerakote TM proved to be up to 60% more resistant than Teflon coatings and it is used worldwide — by renowned weapons manufacturers among other things.

Safety and protection included With the new softcovers supplied as standard, the DOCTER® sight C is well protected against weather impact while stalking or searching for wounded animals — and is, nevertheless, immediately ready for use if necessary. The integrated flipping lug allows an even faster removal in hectic situations. The integrated 4-point loss protection fixes the cap even better to the DOCTER®sight C, which effectively prevents pulling the cap off. And in the rare instance that it is lost anyway, the bright orange colour helps to find the cap — even under unfavourable light conditions.

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