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A flask that stays cool when it’s hot – and vice versa

The ability to take a brilliant idea and transform it into something you won’t want to leave home without, takes some doing. And that is exactly what Atlasware has done by introducing a flask that does what it says it can.
Bottles designed using spacecraft technology

Today’s technology is, of course, the prime reason this flask is so incredibly convenient, reliable and trendy. A highly insulating layer is housed between two layers of durable, high tensile stainless steel. And when you feel the weight of it you’ll understand the genius of what is going to become, your favourite utensil.

Atlasware is an I.S.O. certified company. It took a lot of innovative research & development to finally arrive at the result we would be satisfied with. A result we could be proud of. The result we know you will love because they’re selling like the proverbial “hot flasks”.
It is to be experienced to be believed

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Atlasware 1 Litre Flask
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Atlasware 2 Litre Flask
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Atlasware 500 ml Flask
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Atlasware 700ml Flask
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